Teenage Pregnancies

Our programs in ending teenage pregnancies encompass a range of targeted strategies aimed at creating a safer and more empowered environment for young individuals: Through these multifaceted approaches, we aim to create an environment where teenagers have the knowledge, resources, and support they need to avoid early pregnancies and pursue their aspirations.

Comprehensive Education

We offer comprehensive sex education programs in schools and communities to equip teenagers with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health.

Access to Youth-Friendly Services

We establish and promote youth-friendly health services that offer confidential counseling, contraceptives, and reproductive health care tailored to teenagers' needs.

Awareness Campaigns

Our campaigns raise awareness about the risks and consequences of teenage pregnancies, emphasizing the importance of delaying parenthood to pursue education and personal growth.

Empowerment Workshops

Throug workshops, we empower teenagers with life skills, self-esteem, and assertiveness to make responsible choices regarding their sexual health.

Peer Mentorship

We train older teenagers as peer mentors who provide guidance, information, and emotional support to their peers, fostering a culture of responsible behavior.

Community Engagement

We engage families, schools, and communities in discussions about teenage pregnancies, breaking down taboos and creating supportive networks.

Parent-Teen Communication

Our programs facilitate open dialogues between parents and teenagers about sexual health, reducing stigma and promoting healthier relationships.

Advocacy for Policy Change

We advocate for policies that ensure access to comprehensive sex education in schools and healthcare services tailored to the needs of teenagers.

Life Skills Training

Through workshops and mentoring, we equip adolescents with life skills, boosting their self-esteem, communication abilities, and future prospects.

Support Networks

We establish safe spaces and support groups where young mothers and fathers can share experiences, access information, and receive emotional support.

Safe Spaces

We establish safe spaces where girls can voice their concerns and access support, fostering a network of solidarity and empowerment.

Legal Advocacy

We collaborate with legal experts to advocate for and strengthen policies that protect girls from early marriages, ensuring legal consequences for perpetrators.
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We are a Boy-Led, Boy-Ran, Boy-Founded & Boy-Funded Community Based Organisation Supporting Girls' Education.
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WHERE BOYS HELPGirls In School Initiative
We are a Boy-Led, Boy-Ran, Boy-Founded & Boy-Funded Community Based Organisation Supporting Girls' Education.
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