Engaging Men & Boys
for Gender Equality

Engaging men and boys for gender equality is a crucial aspect in our community work of promoting a more inclusive and equitable society. Our approach to engaging men and boys for Gender Equality is rooted in proactive and comprehensive strategies

Empowering Workshops

Our workshops focus on reshaping perspectives, challenging stereotypes, and promoting positive behaviors that support gender equality.

Educational Campaigns

Through awareness campaigns, we educate men and boys about the significance of gender equality, encouraging them to be advocates for change.

Parenting Partnerships

Our programs encourage active fatherhood and shared parenting responsibilities, fostering a more balanced approach within families the fishing communities.

Youth Engagement

We involve young boys in discussions and activities that promote respectful relationships, gender sensitivity, and equality.

Community Dialogues

Our community open conversations provide safe spaces for men, boys, and women to address gender-related challenges and promote understanding.

Supporting Women's Leadership

We work with men and boys to amplify female voices in leadership roles across various sectors.

Collaboration with Boys & Men's Groups

Partnering with men's groups amplifies our impact, creating a united front for gender equality.

Consent Education

In our Programing, we emphasize the importance of consent and healthy relationships, ensuring understanding and respect among all genders.

Male Role Models

Through Highlighting stories of male allies and advocates, we showcase positive examples that encourage emulation and change.

Policy Advocacy

In collaborating with several stakeholders, we advocate for policies that promote gender equality, ensuring systemic change beyond individual efforts.

Family and Community Involvement

We emphasize involving families and communities to create a support network that nurtures gender-equitable values.

Multimedia Campaigns

By Utilizing multimedia platforms, we disseminate informative content that raises awareness about gender equality and inspires collective action.

Lasting Change

Through this comprehensive approach, we aim to create lasting change by engaging men and boys as active agents in the pursuit of gender equality

Continuous Evaluation

We regularly assess our initiatives, adapting to evolving needs and measuring our progress toward a more equitable society.

Breaking Stereotypes

Our events challenge traditional gender norms, encouraging everyone to embrace diverse identities and roles.

Equal Access Initiatives

We work towards equal access to opportunities, education, and healthcare for people of all genders.
WHERE BOYS HELPGirls In School Initiative
We are a Boy-Led, Boy-Ran, Boy-Founded & Boy-Funded Community Based Organisation Supporting Girls' Education.
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WHERE BOYS HELPGirls In School Initiative
We are a Boy-Led, Boy-Ran, Boy-Founded & Boy-Funded Community Based Organisation Supporting Girls' Education.
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