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We focus on the below advocacy and community support programs to further support Educatibale Gender Equality in the District of 84 Islands and only 29 Schools both Primary and Secondary.

In Uganda, despite progress being made, gender disparities in education still persist. Girls’ enrollment rates in primary education are generally close to boys’, but the gender gap widens at the secondary and tertiary levels. Many girls drop out due to early marriages, pregnancies, or financial constraints.

In the fishing communities, it rather becomes very rugged with very low retention rates  

In higher primary levels and very low in secondary schools with many Boys heading to fishing and Girls being married off to fishermen. Total completion rates stand at 36.7% for all children and Girls scoring very low.

% Primary Enrollment
Drop Up Rate 87.11%

Access to Education

We advocate and work towards the importance of ensuring equal access to quality education for both girls and boys through addressing the challenges that girls might face in accessing education, such as negative cultural norms, financial barriers, and distance to schools.

Addressing Barriers

Together with community players, we explore ways to overcome barriers that hinder girls' education in our fishing communities, such as child marriage, early pregnancy, and gender-based violence. Highlight initiatives and policies that aim to tackle these issues.

Advocacy and Policy

Our local district and national dvocacy efforts aim at influencing policies that promote gender equality in education from the community level. We also collect & share success stories of policy changes that have led to improved educational opportunities for girls in our fishing communties.

Empowerment Through Education

We Emphasize how education empowers girls by providing them with knowledge, skills, and confidence to make informed decisions about their lives & equips them to become active participants in social, economic, and political spheres.

STEM Education

While investing in girls' education and technology, we promote the significance of encouraging girls to pursue education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. These fields are often male-dominated and promoting gender equality here is essential.

Monitoring and Evaluation

We stress the significance of monitoring and evaluating the impact of gender equality initiatives in education esspecially in our district. This helps ensure that the efforts are effective and leads to positive outcomes.

Breaking Gender Stereotypes

We address issues on how education can challenge and break down traditional gender roles and stereotypes. Because when girls are educated, they can pursue careers and roles that were previously considered only for men, promoting a more inclusive society.

Role Models

Together with other partners, we work with successful women in the district who have overcome obstacles to achieve educational and professional success. Highlighting with these role models, it inspires young girls to pursue their dreams without limitations.

Safe Learning Spaces

In all our Communtity based learning centers, we ensure that these are safe and secure learning environments for girls. This includes addressing issues of gender-based violence and harassment within schools so that every child gets a secure learning enviroment.

Curriculum and Teaching

Through our Community Schools program, We emphasise the importance of gender-sensitive curricula that include diverse perspectives and narratives. Our teachers are also empowered & trained to promote gender equality within the classroom environment.

Engaging Communities

Within the 62 Islands, we treasure the importance of involving communities, parents, and local leaders in promoting gender equality in education. We belive that When the community is invested, it helps create a supportive environment for girls' education.


With Girls In School Initiative being a community based organisation, we work with several civil society organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and government agencies together to promote gender equality in education in Kalangala district & Uganda atlarge.
WHERE BOYS HELPGirls In School Initiative
We are a Boy-Led, Boy-Ran, Boy-Founded & Boy-Funded Community Based Organisation Supporting Girls' Education.
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WHERE BOYS HELPGirls In School Initiative
We are a Boy-Led, Boy-Ran, Boy-Founded & Boy-Funded Community Based Organisation Supporting Girls' Education.
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